Terms and conditions

This site is offered to the clients / visitors in the current form (or as it is available at the moment of access) without any guarantees, expressed or interpreted. The money back is not made for subjective reasons. , subsequent claims cannot be considered.

The minimum ordering age is 18 years. In the case of products with modifications or customizations, these must be operated by email, having subsequently confirmed their registration. The products are for presentation purposes, these may differ depending on the labor used and the size of the gift. Certain products on the site,

they may undergo modifications of the picture, specification, price, the company having no obligation to notify the client or visitors of these changes. Certain deliveries may be delayed or even canceled under conditions of force majeure. Orders placed under the protection of anonymity or with the express request to maintain anonymity, will not be disclosed to the recipient,

except in exceptional cases: the official investigation by the competent authorities.

The payment method is, by bank card or, by bank transfer in Euro, to the company account, which will be indicated by email to potential customers.

We do not process payments in Lei.

If the recipient is not at the address indicated

-the parcel will be delivered on the basis of signature and identification document, to another person in the location (neighbor, colleague, relative, husband / wife, etc.). The company cannot be held responsible for damages of any kind, which its client any third party may suffer, as a result, of the fulfillment by the seller, of any of its obligations

according to the Order and for damages, which result from the use of Goods and Services after delivery and in particular, for the loss of the product or its deterioration.

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